Looking to install a new elevator?

A-1 Elevator has complete elevator installation services for you in Trenton and Detroit. We have elevator installation services for your home or business that are not only affordable but are also efficient, effective, and reliable too. Our elevators can be designed and installed by our professionals.

Our services include installation of dumbwaiters for hotels and restaurants and freight elevators for other businesses. Call 734-558-4604 to find out more.

“Elevate” your business with our elevators

Elevators are important for the functioning of most important businesses, such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, commercial, and industrial buildings. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect elevator installation for your business.

Our efficient elevator installations
  • Designed by building type
  • Designed by elevator model
  • Passenger elevators
  • Freight elevators
  • Escalator
  • Material lift
  • Dumbwaiter
Elevator modernization services

A-1 Elevator gives your outdated elevators an electrical and hydraulic upgrades to update the technology and keep the historical aesthetic of your antique or outdated elevators. Call us today to find out about elevator
service, repair and more.