Are you looking to get that faulty elevator repaired?

A-1 Elevator can repair it for you! We have 33 years of experience in fixing elevators, elevator maintenance, installation, and servicing. Our professionals can fix everything from intermittent problems with your elevator’s control system and cable jobs to the replacement of hydraulic jack cylinders and hydraulic valves.

Using the stairs may be a good exercise, but not everyone can do it. Call us today on 734-558-4604 to repair your elevator, and save the trouble of climbing those stairs.

We don’t just do elevators!

A-1 Elevator doesn’t just do elevators, we can also repair and fix:

  • Escalators
  • Material Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters
Our elevator repair services in Trenton and Detroit


  • Control systems
  • Intermittent problems
  • Cable jobs
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Codework
  • Hydraulic jack cylinder replacement
  • Hoist machine repair
  • Obsolete parts fabrication
  • Relabeling
One-stop elevator solution

We take care of all your elevator needs in Trenton and Detroit including elevator service, repair, elevator maintenance, and elevator modernization. Reach out to our skilled technicians for all your elevator needs.